Carpet Maintenance

Although all Shelmarc carpets are designed for lasting quality, proper cleaning and maintenance is essential for maintaining the comfort and rich, vibrant colors your carpet provides. The simple, effective maintenance routines and tips below will protect your carpet and extend the life of your investment.

Maintain a Maintenance Schedule
Daily foot traffic hauls along dirt and soil particles that grind and damage the fibers of your carpet. Without regular vacuuming, these particles will begin to concentrate below the surface of the cut pile and become more difficult to remove.

Vacuum regularly to remove soil and dirt. This simple preventative maintenance will help extend the long-term beauty and durability of your carpet. We recommend the following maintenance schedule, based on the amount of foot traffic your carpet receives:

Choose the Right Vacuum for Your Carpet
For the best results in cleaning commercial carpets, we highly recommend using a vacuum certified with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval. While inexpensive carpet vacuums will remove dirt sitting above the cut pile, they may not remove deeply embedded soil. Heavy-duty, CRI-approved vacuums can ensure the highest standards in dirt removal, before problems occur.

The vacuuming method that should be used €” rotating brush, beater bar, or suction-only €” depends on the type of carpet you have. Test attachments in a hidden area to make sure they don€™t agitate the carpet. For carpet with a thick loop pile construction, use suction-only or an adjustable brush for less fuzz and to avoid damaging the carpet.

Removing Common Stains
Stains should be removed as soon as the spill occurs. If cleanup is delayed, the stain can become embedded in the cut pile and become permanent.

Never rub a stain. Instead, use a white cloth to blot the affected area, working from the outside toward the center of the spill to avoid spreading. After blotting, remove the stain with professional spot removal products. Home remedies may fade the carpet color and cause further damage.

Additional Tips
  • Since most dirt is tracked in on the bottom of shoes, place an indoor or outdoor floor mat by entrances to keep dirt from reaching your carpet. Vacuuming the floor mats daily will maximize their effectiveness in trapping dirt and soil.
  • We highly recommend that you deep clean your carpets every 12 months to remove residual soil a vacuum can€™t remove. Hot water extraction (commonly known as €œsteam cleaning€) will clean to the base of the carpet fibers and remove all unwanted soil and bacteria in a three-step wash, rinse and vacuum process.
  • Carpet padding can extend the longevity of your carpet. Be sure to verify your carpet€™s padding density requirements before purchase. You can find detailed density information in your carpet warranty.
  • If any yarn tufts rise up above the surface of the carpet, or €œsprout,€ cut or trim the sprouted fiber with scissors. (Never pull.) Left untrimmed, these sprouts can get snagged or pulled, resulting in damage to the carpet.
  • Keep up with your warranty guidelines when maintaining stain-resistant carpet. Only use cleaning products formulated for this type of carpet. Using products with harsh chemicals will impair the resistant treatments and void your warranty.