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ColorLockTMDyed-in technologyColorLockTM is a process by which the chemical is bonded to the amine ends on the fibers and are attached there.The treatment is as permanent as a solution dyed product but offers much more in terms of design flexibility and color flexibility for the customer.Regular maintenance does not affect the treatment at all.The photo to the right shows 2 samples that had 25 ml of household bleach (undiluted) deposited on the face and the photos were taken after 24 hours and washing the area with warm water.As you can see the ColorLockTM treated area is not even noticeable while the untreated section shows major color loss.Patterned Carpets are ALL about DEFINITION It is all in the detail and we have more than anyone elseCompare	256 DPI	vs	Our 645 DPI50% Greater Definition with our state-of-the-art Equipment.PAGE | 888.504.3100

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